61. BetonTage Convention: Precast Concrete Industry Reports Growth

Neu-Ulm - Germany's construction economy is humming.

Accordingly, sentiment at this year's BetonTage convention in Neu-Ulm was upbeat. Around 2,100 participants from 20 different countries visited this industry meet-up of the precast concrete industry between 14 and 16 February 2017. The convention, a classic industry event, offered an extensive agenda for insiders, headline "Creating Living Environments." The focus was on recent developments in the areas of concrete engineering, manufacturing processes and standardisation. The exhibition taking place simultaneously with a fully booked roster of 160 booths provided an overview of new developments in the equipment, software and supplier industries. As always, networking played a key role, with visitors having plenty of opportunity to engage in it during coffee breaks, the communication evening and the exhibitor events.

The convention was opened by legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner. In his lecture on the subject of risk management, he discussed some of his near-death experiences, and drew fascinating analogies to business situations. His conclusion: To achieve major goals, the only things that count are persuasiveness, courage and the willingness to test your personal limits. It is an insight that carries equal weight for companies in the precast concrete industry. The specialist program focused on product-specific panels that covered all relevant segments in the precast concrete business, and included contributions on precast concrete construction, lightweight concrete and concrete ashlar, as well as concrete products used in road construction, landscaping and gardening, pipeline construction and small treatment plants. The panels also linked up research and practice. Forward-looking developments in the area of manufacturing technology and concrete engineering have enhanced the performance of concrete as a building material. This creates new possibilities in regard to load-bearing capacity, durability and structuring, and opens up new fields of application.

The annual innovation award of the precast concrete supplier industry honours the productivity of the industry's market partners. Winner of this year's award is the Institute for Structural Design at the Braunschweig University of Technology. It was cited for the development of an innovative precision formwork made to 100 percent of recyclable industrial wax. This no-waste wax formwork, which is created by using industrial wax as shaping material, can be very quickly processed with a high degree of precision and considerable freedom of design through CNC machining. The new technique is a cost-saving way to manufacture concrete structural elements of virtually any geometric form, including complex ones, with the utmost precision. Moreover, the wax can be entirely returned to the material loop by melting it down, thereby elimination the production of waste products.

The next BetonTage convention in Neu-Ulm is scheduled for 20 through 22 February 2018. For details on anything related to the BetonTage convention, go to www.betontage.com

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